Merger and Acquisition

The merger and acquisition are one of the great methods to maximize profit as one. While the merger is the process the two units are being merged and work united. The process of merging two companies always is beneficial in terms of capital accumulation.

The PROMINENCE acquisition process is something that can be done friendly or hostile. In a friendly process of acquisition, we are offering price to the target company’s board of directors and also to the shareholders. But while we are with a hostile process of acquisition we simply avoid the board of directors and go straight to the shareholders with our offers. In such an acquisition, we are expert to evaluate whether the combined value and the performance of the new entity formed offers the highest value than before. As synergy plays a vital role in the acquisition and merging so we calculate the soft and hard synergies (Revenue and Cost) before initiating the process.

Prominence Process of Acquisition and Merger

We are helping the organization in process of implementing merger and acquisition to prepare the CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum) which is also offering a memorandum or information memorandum. The file is containing 50 plus pages filled with the data or information about your organization. It will help you to prepare teasers, marketing materials, executive marketing plans that you can share with your potential buyer onward. The required SWOT analysis report will be given to you before prioritizing the merger and acquisition process.